Split A/C Unit

Above-Bunk or Under-the-Bunk Split A/C unit with cooling capacity of 7.5k BTUs

Battery Box

Durable & lightweight with a sleek and sturdy construction, this box ensures reliability and convenience.聽

4 Deep Cycle Lithium Batteries

4 independent lightweight lithium batteries provide up to 12 hours of comfort cooling for your cab. Our lithium batteries are UL listed.

Smart Battery Isolator

We use smart isolator to protect your starter battery, so you will always have a peace of mind.

Professional Installation

Our team of experienced technicians will make sure your APU is installed to the highest industry standards.


1 full year of parts and labor warranty comes with AC unit. 3 year warranty provided with lithium batteries.


Lithium Battery

Our solution is equipped with all Lithium Batteries, offer longer runtimes, lasting up to 2脳 longer than standard lead-acid batteries, and have 10脳 more charge cycles, lasting up to 5 years.聽

Idle Reduction

Our all battery APU solution can eliminate the need for excessive idling, which reduces fuel costs while preserving the engine and aftertreatment system.聽

Light Weight

Our full installed system has the measured weight of less than 250 lbs, thanks to the light weight from the Lithium batteries. It gives truckers a big advantage compared to APUs with AGM batteries and diesel APUs


We offer the most competitive pricing for our customers in this industry. Give us a call today to get the custom pricing for your specific requirements.


Bunk Heater

Introducing our cutting-edge Diesel Bunk Heater for trucks, designed to elevate your driving experience to new heights. Experience the perfect blend of efficiency and environmental consciousness with our heater's fast heating capabilities and low emissions, ensuring a quick and clean warming process for your truck. Most importantly, it is super affordable.


Being a truck owner means running a business, and successful businesses are built on smart decisions. One such decision involves minimizing idle time, which can be quite costly. Instead of wasting over $1000 per month on idling, why not consider installing an APU today? By taking advantage of excellent financing options from Synchrony Bank and New Lane Finance, you can start saving money right away.

Synchrony Finance

Getting your APU installed today with a 6-month no interest financing from Synchrony.

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Newlane Finance

Industry leadng lease option with low monthly payment from Newlane Finance.

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Watch the video on YouTube to see how to finance an electrical APU