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Effective February 1st 2024, we will no longer be offering full bumper to bumper truck and trailer services to new customers.聽 We will be transitioning to a more specialized business model which focuses on Aftertreatment (EGR, DOC, DPF, & SCR), ALL-Electric APU sales & Service, Storefront/ Online parts sales, NTP Warranty service & sales, and PDI product sales and Installs.聽 This move is to provide our customers with the best support and customer experience by focusing on what we do best and our strong direct vendor relationships to provide maximum聽value to our customers. We will continue to service our existing customer portfolio with full bumper to bumper services and will continue to welcome fleet customers (five unit minimum) for these services as well.聽 Thank you for your continued patronage and support!聽聽



Diesel Emissions Specialists (formery Fox Truck & Tractor LLC) specializes in advanced after-treatment emission diagnostics and repairs. Our in-house cutting-edge DPF cleaning and testing equipment enable us for the efficient and rapid testing and cleaning of DPF, DOC, SCR, and Detroit One Box systems. Catering to do-it-yourselfers, fleet owners, and shop proprietors, we offer a comprehensive selection of industry-leading aftermarket emission products, such as new DPFs, DOCs, SCRs, temperature sensors, NOx sensors, exhaust tailpipes, clamps, gaskets, sensor bungs, and more. Additionally, we stock a range of popular parts for the trucking industry, including PDI, Jaltest Diagnostic, and various other essential components.

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We offer the most affordable & super light weight all electric APU in the industry, which features the over the bunk or under the bunk A/C unit, UL listed lithium batteries (recommended for commericial trucks), in-house design, and more.

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As a truck and trailer repair shop with a successful three-year history, we have established robust connections with leading truck dealers in the industry. Our competitive pricing, bolstered by high-volume discounts, reflects the strong relationships we've cultivated. We are committed to extending these cost savings to our customers. Specializing in Freightliner and Detroit Cummins parts, we offer immediate quotes over the phone for these components and within an hour for all other parts. Whether you need major components like engines and transmissions or smaller items like bolts and washers, we can efficiently source and provide estimates. Contact us today for a prompt and accurate estimate over the phone.


What sets us apart from other DPF cleaning companies is our ability to not only handle routine maintenance of your aftertreatment emission system by cleaning DPF, DOC, SCR, and One Box but also to address issues upstream that may lead to complex symptoms in the aftertreatment system. Our unparalleled proficiency establishes us as the foremost emission shop in the entire industry.


Frequently Asked Questions

We extend a warm welcome to walk-in customers who bring in loose DPF, DOC, SCR, or Detroit One Boxes for inspection, testing, or cleaning during our regular business hours. Additionally, we maintain a comprehensive inventory of commonly used DPFs, NOx sensors, temp sensors, pressure sensors, PM sensors, pressure tubes, gaskets, clamps, PDI products, and other truck parts. Walk-in customers are encouraged to explore our in-stock items.

For customers bringing trucks or other equipment in for diagnostics and repairs, appointments are required. Kindly reach out to us via email or phone call to schedule your service appointment today.

Feel free to contact us during our business hours and provide detailed information about your service needs. This will enable us to tailor a customized appointment to meet your specific requirements. Alternatively, you can reach out to us via email at or send us a quick message through our website's contact page. We look forward to assisting you.

Starting February 1st, 2024, we will no longer be extending full bumper-to-bumper truck and trailer services to new customers. Instead, we are undergoing a strategic transition towards a more specialized business model, emphasizing Aftertreatment (EGR, DOC, DPF, & SCR), ALL-Electric APU sales & Service, Storefront/Online parts sales, NTP Warranty service & sales, and PDI product sales and Installs. This shift is aimed at delivering superior support and customer experiences by focusing on our core strengths and leveraging strong direct vendor relationships to provide maximum value.

We will, however, continue to provide full bumper-to-bumper services to our existing customer portfolio. Fleet customers (with a minimum of five units) are still welcomed for these comprehensive services. We sincerely appreciate your ongoing patronage and support.

Thanks to our strong social media presence, we receive numerous inquiries for truck assistance through phone calls and emails from our wonderful viewers and supporters. While we genuinely want to assist you, it's essential to recognize that we are a business with operational responsibilities and customers to serve. The revenue generated supports our employees and sustains our business.

We kindly request you to visit our service page and schedule a consultation appointment. This allows us to address your needs in a structured business manner. Rest assured, we will continue to share informative how-to videos and other useful content on our social media accounts to aid our supporters. Your understanding and cooperation are highly appreciated.

At present, our sole shop is situated in Canton, Ohio, with the address being 1120 High Ave SW, Canton, Ohio 44707. For customers located outside the state, we invite you to explore our services page to learn more about our Consultation Service.

Diesel Emissions Specialists operates as the Doing Business As (DBA) entity of Fox Truck & Tractor LLC. As of the beginning of 2024, we have undergone a strategic transition towards a more specialized business model. This new focus centers on Aftertreatment (EGR, DOC, DPF, & SCR), ALL-Electric APU sales & Service, Storefront/Online parts sales, NTP Warranty service & sales, and PDI product sales and installs.

This shift is driven by our commitment to providing optimal support and customer experiences. By concentrating on our core competencies and leveraging strong direct vendor relationships, we aim to deliver maximum value to our customers. Our rebranding as Diesel Emissions Specialists reflects our dedicated services in the aftertreatment diesel emissions industry, allowing us to reach and serve new customers in this specialized field.


Google reviews from our valued customers

Keith Cox

A really BIG thanks to Ryan and his crew. I was having an aftertreatment problem. Ryan ran some tests and was on the solution within the hour of me getting there. An $8,000 job at the dealership he accomplished at about half the price and 2-3 weeks sooner. Got me back on the road. Thanks you guys! Sophia is awesome too for finding the parts quickly.

Mohamed D.

Ryan and his team did a fantastic job. I got my raditor done there and Tie rod assembly on my freightliner box truck. And some other little stuff. But his experience and work is a great and very informative when comes to what you might need for your truck in the future.I highly recommend his shop. Thank you Ryan and the team.

Jason Colvin

All I can say is that I鈥檓 thoroughly impressed with Ryan and Fox truck and tractor. I had a differential leaking, I set up an appointment about a week out, when I showed up he got right on it, within 5 hours I was up and running again.He was professional and thorough, his pricing beats anything you will find.


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